Online Course - Equine & Canine Kinesiology Taping

What to do with muscular tension, fascial adhesions, tendon strains and injuries, scars, etc.

All these clinical pictures can be treated ideally with Kinesiology Tape. This online course shows you step by step the different application techniques.


You get (online course):

  • A detailed theory part to prepare you for the practical activity
  • 13 practical horse taping instructions
  • 12 practical dog taping instructions
  • A course script in PDF format
  • ... and in addition, an individual 30-minute "online session" for clarification of personal and specific questions (appointment to be arranged individually)


The online course is available for 3 months, that means:

  • You can schedule the course as it suits you or as you feel like it. When you want, where you want.
  • You can view all chapters multiple times. 
  • You can skip chapters and watch them later.


You will receive the script with your course registration and can easily download it.



  1. Theory: development, material science, indications and contraindications, preparation of the animal, practical tips and tricks.
  2. Muscle tape
  3. Fascia tape
  4. Decompression tape
  5. Stabilization tape
  6. Stifle sling tape
  7. Hematoma tape
  8. Lymphtape
  9. Scar tape
  10. Tendon tape
  11. Hoof tape (Equine only)
  12. Proprioception tape
  13. Correction tape
  14. Crosstapes


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Online Course - Kinesiology Taping for Horses & Dogs

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