Crosstapes - The great support in animal therapy

Crosstapes are extremely popular for human treatments and now they are finding their way into animal therapy as well.

The application possibilities are extremely diverse! From A as "arthritis" to W as "wounds" - the versatile little waffle-shaped mesh tapes can be used for a lot of cases.

In this book, Katja Bredlau-Morich explains what these great little tapes are all about and how they work.

Over 50 examples show how best to use crosstapes.


From the content:

Development * Material * Handling * Positioning * Effect * Comparison with kinesiology tape * Over 50 application possibilities for crosstapes


About the author:

Katja Bredlau-Morich received certification in animal health from the Institut für Tierheilkunde in Viernheim, Germany. She is certified in kinesiology taping of horses by the Maia-Medical Group, Germany, and by Equi-Tape® in the United States, and has provided physiotherapy and taping services for horses in both countries. She currently lives in Rodgau, Germany, where she operates  equine physiotherape business as well as Tape4Fur.


Bibliographic information

Title: Crosstapes - The great support in animal therapy

Author: Katja Bredlau-Morich

Edition: 1st 

Published: February 2024

Length: 128 pages


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