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Tape4Fur® - Equine Nasal Strips




Equine Nasal Strips



For all horses in all disciplines


Tape4Fur® Equine Nasal Strips are made from a medical quality plaster, are doping-free and non-absorbable.

Application range:

Unlike humans, horses only breathe through their nose. As a result, all horses suffer from soft tissue collapse during high stress. This partial collapse of the nasal tissue reduces the oxygen supply to the lungs and forces the horse to breathe harder. Clinical studies have shown that Tape4Fur® Equine Nasal Strips support the bridge of the nose and reduce the collapse. This way, your horse gets the oxygen it needs without expending extra energy.



Skin infections, fungus, open wounds, pregnancy, colic, maligne processes


160 mm x 115 mm


nature or black


10 pieces

Additional information:

Use as part of veterinary care or animal physical therapy

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